Are Pavers Good?


Pavers are concrete blocks made of aggregate, cement, water and sand. The uses of pavers are several ranging from in business, home or gardens. Not only do they make a home look beautiful but they also add to the value of a property. As a result they can be classified as investments which benefit financial and personal lives.

Pavers unlike concrete blocks are four times more powerful, this is due to solid aggregate base that is added giving the paver extra strength. This makes them perfect of almost all uses including vehicle traffic.

Pavers here do not need a lot of maintenance.  It is easy to replace a bad paver that has cracked, has been affected by the weather or stained, to replace it is easy, just remove it and insert a good one.

When starting out the project of constructing pavers sounds expensive than those made using asphalt and concrete materials but this is a wrong perception because eventually you realize pavers are a lot cheaper. This is because asphalt and concrete have to constantly be maintained and cracks are visible after a while. Pavers remain beautiful for a longer period of time unlike  other concrete blocks that show traces of thawing and freezing cycles. To learn more about pavers, go to

Pavers have a combination of colors, sizes, brands and shapes.  Pavers can be designed in different patterns that can be imagined and created.   Stones made from concrete may not be easy to arrange like pavers which can be shaped in standard, winding, circular patterns.  A house is complemented by the artistic designs that can be made from pavers due to their flexibility.


It is easy to install pavers by following the proper guidelines and even a homeowner can do it themselves.  There are however a few things that need to be considered like the landscape of the home, the slope, base or pitch that are all related to the home, it is still practicable for anybody to install pavers which is not possible with concrete stones.   A home owner saves a lot of money on labor and other costs. Get Bayside Pavers options here!

Granite, limestone, basalt and sandstone are all dense and good for making pavers and do not absorb a lot of moisture. Clay pavers are good in the garden passageways and these are made using very high temperatures.   When paving you need to leave some space for sand and for the surface to be free such that it doesn’t store any moisture. So that weed does not grow pavers on pathways should be laid down using mortar and the same should be used to grout the pavers.



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